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We are Federico Bianchi and Aldo Caffagni, our Bianchi & Caffagni Real Estate Agency has been dealing for years with buying and selling of prestigious properties, villas, villas, apartments, land, premises and commercial activities.

We operate mainly in Arenzano and in the province of Genoa but we have properties in other Italian locations.

We assure to everyone a punctual and efficient real estate service and are constantly looking for new properties to propose to their selected Italian and foreign clientele. With the new Arenzano Host project we want to offer homeowners and guests an efficient and timely service, meeting the new needs that the market now requires.

Aldo Caffagni: "I was born in Genoa but Arenzano, home of my job as a real estate agent, has become my country of adoption.
My ten-year experience in the Arenzano area and neighboring, has meant that I acquired a considerable technical knowledge of indispensable knowledge in my profession.
The customer who will choose our agency will be in front of a person available, prepared, friendly and transparent, ready to accompany you to the best solution of your requests.
Expert in first-home and seasonal rentals, I'm ready to help you realize your dreams.

Federico Bianchi: "I was born in Arenzano and I worked as a real estate agent, I live in Arenzano, but I trained professionally in one of the most beautiful and evocative areas of the world: the Gulf of Tigullio. I dedicate myself to my work with great passion.
I try to accompany the customer by the hand proposing the most congenial solution to him and taking care of the smallest details that can make a customer, a satisfied customer.
The housing solutions vary from the apartment in Arenzano, to the house in Genoa, from the prestigious villa to the rent of an apartment for unforgettable stays.
I will be at your disposal with seriousness, confidentiality, professionalism and knowledge of the territory.


Arenzano Host
by Agenzia Immobiliare Bianchi & Caffagni
Via Capitan Romeo 29
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